Your 3 Internoise Exhibitors • Booth #28 25 to 29 August, 2024 • Nantes (France)

Measuring Instruments & Metrological Solutions

Alliantech stands as a leading provider in the field of sensors, data acquisition systems, testing equipment, and calibration solutions in France.

It is this comprehensive approach to instrumentation that enables us to deliver technically innovative and economically viable solutions for your applications: aerospace, military, automotive, industry, energies, health, universities, research & development...

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Leading in Noise & Vibration Excitation Technology

Qsources is a highly specialised company rooted in Belgium, leading in smart noise and vibration excitation technology.

Our mission is to propose the highest level of noise and vibration excitation solutions, enabling engineers worldwide to perform the most accurate and fastest measurements leading to a comfortable, healthy and safe acoustic environment.

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Sound & Vibration Measurement Systems

SINUS Messtechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer of software and hardware solutions regarding acoustic and vibration measurements, analysis and evaluation.

Alongside with hands-on devices like sound level meters, mobile and industrial multi-channel measurement systems, monitoring solutions and acoustic cameras, SINUS offers also professional software applications, sensors and accessories.

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